EN 16114 voting: Adoption to EN ISO 20700

ISO 20700 describes world-class ‘best practices’ in terms of professional management consultancy services. Considering, that
  • ISO 20700 “Guidelines for management consultancy services” was published in June 2017,
  • for the same scope the European Standard EN 16114 “Management consultancy services” was issued in September 2011,
  • and even noting, that service standards are voluntary in their application,
both standards can be applied for delivering management consultancy services,
i.e. the EN 16114 in European CEN member countries and ISO 20700 in those countries outside of CEN.


Therefore, in September 2017 CEN member countries initiated a new Work Item (project) to the program of the Committee CEN TC 381 in order to adopt ISO 20700:2017 as EN ISO 20700, superseding EN 16114:2011. The voting results to initiate the Work Item are as follows.

Voting Results

September 2017: Agreement to start a new Work Item (project) in CEN TC 381 in order to adopt ISO 20700:2017 as EN ISO 20700, superseding EN 16114:2011:

  • Number of positive votes: 12
  • Number of negative votes: 0
  • Number of abstentions: 9

Further Procedure

This new Work Item is the adoption of ISO 20700 as an European Standard EN ISO 20700, replacing EN 16114. The CEN TC 381 Secretary

  • in 2017: prepares the public Enquiry Process for CEN members, i.e. prEN ISO 20700, and submits this to CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) to launch the CEN Enquiry,
  • in 2018: CCMC launches the CEN Enquiry prEN ISO 20700, which includes the approval of said EN, to the CEN members for voting by weighted vote (time duration 3 months),
  • coordinates the final process of ratification of EN ISO 20700 (expected mid 2018).

To summarize: CEN TC 381 expects the adoption of ISO 20700 at CEN level as EN ISO 20700 in the course of 2018, superseding EN 16114.

Next Steps

Ilse Ennsfellner will inform on this blog about the initiation of the public Enquiry Process.


© Ilse Ennsfellner                                                                                                         Chair CEN/TC 381 Management consultancy services                                                         Convenor ISO/PC 280 Stakeholder engagement

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