Voting for a New ISO Technical Committee on Management Consultancy Services

Ballot open until December 2022

Trends in management consultancy (such as digitalization, sustainability, accountability, agility and many more) need to be tackled not only by the consulting industry, but in co-operation with clients, academia and other stakeholders interested in further developing management consultancy. An effective platform for exchange of ideas and issues in this field is the ISO umbrella.

This is why the consulting profession recently launched a proposal to ISO to create a new Technical Committee on management consultancy services – now open for a ballot among all ISO member countries.

Please take a look at the enclosed proposal, and get back to your national standards body until December 2022 to express your interest in creating a new field of activity (ISO Technical Committee). The ballot is open for all stakeholders (consultants, clients, academia, others) to mark quality and excellence in management consultancy.


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